Tell your story

Storytelling vs selling. Why should your customers care about you?

"Storytelling has to affect you in some way, or why will you care? I guess this moves us from the traditional 'What's in it for them?' question to 'Why should they care?' A subtle difference perhaps but critical.
When you are storytelling, what do you want your stories to be - motivating, exciting, sad? There is no wrong way to tell a story as long as you are telling stories 
for the audience not talking at them."
 - The Marketing Association

Storytelling doesn't have to be just written text. 

  • A picture paints a thousand words. This includes making infographics to share statistics.
  • Have a go at your own videos. A quick video on your cellphone might surprise you.

Our own audiences on our Hutt Valley NZ channels tell us they don't like being sold to. Anything that is advertising falls flat, and we're likely to lose followers. However, we can tell the story of a product or experience by adding emotion, and by making our post emotive, we're likely to get good post reach.

It's also likely that your Facebook audience will react differently to your Instagram audience. Keep an eye on your engagement and try to stay away from posting the same thing across all your channels - though we know it seems like an easy choice!

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